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Rubber Parts and Much More Silicone Product Solution


With over 32 years of expertise, JQ Rubber is a producer of silicone and rubber products. Our company, which is based in the Guangdong Province city of Zhongshan, is committed to offering top-notch goods and services to all of our clients. Automotive, medical, and electrical industries among others use our extensive selection of silicone and rubber goods. Rubber grommets, o-rings, washers, seals, and other items are all part of our diverse product lineup. Additionally, we provide silicone goods that are made specifically for you.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality rubber parts and silicone products possible while maintaining competitive prices. We strive to achieve this goal through continuous innovation and by leveraging our years.


Damping Pad

best rubber for vibration dampening

It is designed to reduce the impact of sudden jolts and vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Automotive Rubber Hose

automotive rubber vacuum hose

A rubber hose is an important part of the automotive field. It is used to convey fluids and materials such as fuel, oil, water, and air.

Automobile Wire Harness

automobile wire harness

 It can be used in a variety of applications in the automotive field. The size can be customized according to your needs. 

Rubber Bushes

rubber bushes for car

Customizable to fit any size, our bushes are made of high-quality rubber material that will ensure a long lifespan. With our bushes, you’ll be able to keep your car parts in top condition and restore optimal performance.

Rubber Bellows

automotive rubber bellows

Whether you need a small or large size, we’ve got you covered. With our rubber bellows, you’ll enjoy smooth and reliable operation in any automotive application.

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